¿Frustrado con iOS7 en tu iPhone? Comentarios y sugerencias (en inglés)

A raíz de un comentario en mi muro de Facebook, donde mi tía política Gwen hacía ver que se siente frustrada con su iPhone 4 desde que instaló iOS 7 y que está pensando cambiar de móvil y de plataforma, decidí enviarle unas opiniones y sugerencias que se me ocurre que pueden resultaros de interés a los lectores del blog, así que hago un copia-pega del e-mail que le he mandado. Así, de paso, si a alguno se le ocurren comentarios, matizaciones o ideas adicionales, me será de mucho interés a mí o a Gwen. Muchas gracias de antemano.

Hi Gwen. 

Sorry to hear from your comment in my Facebook’s stream that iOS7 is slowing down your iPhone 4. I have heard more stories about that. In fact my iPad 2 is not as quick as it used to be. Now it will freeze sometimes. I have even noticed some erratic behaviors of my iPhone 4S when using Gmail’s app. 

I understand your frustration and your interest in pursuing other options like Android or Windows Phone. However there are some things to take into consideration:
  1. You have owned your iPhone 4 for 3 years now, right? It was never a cheap phone and it is now more expensive than ever. However, given my experience with a Samsung and Android, I have come to realize that Android phones tend to become outdated faster than Apple’s, even the high-end ones. The lower end Androids are pretty useless if you come from the experience of using an iPhone. You definitely don’t want to go down that road. I would only consider Google’s own Android Nexus which are price at half of the iPhone equivalent so you can consider changing it twice as frequently as Apple’s. The Nexus 5 is about to be launched and it looks like a very nice phone at a very inexpensive price for what it has to offer.
  2. The way I see it, iPhone is the easy, know, tried-and-tested way for you. Android and Windows Phone mean learning new ways of doing the same stuff, finding the right apps -not always the same-, and at least Android requires a bit more technical knowledge if you want to use it to its full advantage.
  3. You already own an iPad. Which means that you can share apps between both devices, sync data between the two of them… It is always easier if you use the same platform for all your mobile devices.
  4. If you change platform, you will have to buy new apps. And you will find that some apps for iOS are simply nonexistent at Android and specially Windows Phone. 
  5. You are used to FaceTime on your iPhone. That will be gone. There’s Skype and Google Hangouts but for some reason FaceTime works a bit better.
To sum up, if I were you, I’d start checking the different options on purchasing a new iPhone with your carriers to see which one is best for you. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the 5C would become cheaper by Xmas. Right now it makes more sense to get a 5S given the small price difference but I expect that to change once Apple has seen the relatively low demand of the 5C. Actually I am under the impression that the small price gap between 5C and 5S is a marketing launch strategy to make 5C perceived as a high-end phone too and it was planned from the beginning to increase the gap shortly after that.
In the meantime, there’s some things that you could do to try to minimize the impact of iOS7 on the performance of your iPhone4 and that also help saving battery at the same time:
  • If you don’t use spotlight search (searching within the phone homepage) you can turn it off. Go to Settings –> General –> Spotlight search and tick all off
  • Turn the parallax and zoom effects off: Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Reduce Motion –> turn it on [yes, it is hidden and counter-intuitive which is unlike Apple at all, but there you go… Steve Jobs no more]
  • If you don’t use Siri or voice dictation, make sure it’s off: Settings –> General –> Siri –> turn Siri off
  • Go to Settings –> General –> Background App Refresh and disable the background refresh of all apps that you don’t usually use or simple turn all off if you want apps to update themselves only when you open them as it used to happen before
  • Wallpapers: use a still one, not dynamic: Settings –> Wallpapers & Brightness: make sure that the wallpaper is not dynamic
  • You may want to turn location services off completely or at least make sure that they are only on for a handful of apps, not all that want to. Go to Settings –> Privacy –> Location Services and tick off either the whole lot or the ones you don’t want or don’t use
  • Go to Settings –> Privacy –> Advertising and turn on ‘Limit Ad Tracking’
  • Go to Settings –> iCloud and please check if everything that’s being synced via iCloud is really necessary for you. I, for example, have turned off syncing of reminders, Safari or Passbook. I assume that you already turned off the Photos in the past because if not you would have long ago run out of iCloud’s space for storing all the photos!
  • The push e-mail, while very useful, can also have a huge impact on battery life and some impact on performance. If you use it (Settings –> Mail, contacts, calendars –> Fetch new data –> Push) maybe you can turn it off and change settings to fetch. Fetch can be from every 15 minutes (not so different from push, anyway) to hourly or even manually. I use the latter, by the way, and only use ‘push’ when I am expecting important e-mails and only in certain e-mail accounts.
  • While very comfortable, automatic downloads of apps can also affect battery and performance at the wrong time. I prefer to update manually when it is convenient (while charging and when I’m not using the phone, basically). Go to Settings –> iTunes & App Store –> Automatic Downloads and turn off the apps and updates (and maybe music and books too). Also you may want to turn off the “use cellular data” if you want to avoid downloading updates on your limited data by mistake instead of doing that when connected to your WiFi network.
  • Finally, make sure that you only get notifications that you care about. Go to Settings –> Notification Center and turn everything off for all the apps that are there and you don’t want to be bothered with. For example, I hate it when games are there bothering me.
 Also, a highly recommended tip is to turn the phone off from time to time (I do it every other day) and also perform a hard reset or reboot when something doesn’t see to be working right. This can be done by pressing the sleep/wake button on the top and the home button below the screen at the same time and keep them pressed until the screen turns completely off and immediately after you see Apple’s logo with nothing on the background (like when it’s been turned on from off state). A hard reset can fix many of the most weird things like for example an erratic behaviour of the camera app.
I hope that some of these tips were useful!

4 comentarios

  1. Debo parecerme (como usuario) a tu tía Gwen. iPad 2 e iPhone 4 y desde luego algo va “ligeramente “peor con iOs 7.
    Pero no para tirar a Apple por la borda. No es para desesperarse.
    De acuerdo con alguna de tus medidas y recomendaciones. Aplicaré alguna que no tengo. pero deja que el latazo de actualizar las aplicaciones se ejecute solo. Creo que es un logro, aunque ralentice.
    Lo peor que noto es que se congela de vez en cuando. Insólito. Nunca ocurrió hasta ahora.
    Esperanzado en que Apple actue.

    1. Supongo que algo irán puliendo el sistema operativo (de hecho ya llevan dos actualizaciones menores desde que lo sacaron) aunque quizá tenían que haber planteado directamente la posibilidad de no contemplar la actualización para esos equipos en los que no va tan fino. Los usuarios se habrían quejado de quedarse atrás, claro. Es difícil acertar, pero es una faena no poder ir marcha atrás y volver al sistema anterior que sí funcionaba perfectamente. Lo de congelarse efectivamente resulta chocante porque nunca había pasado. En otros sistemas (Android con la personalización de Samsung en mi experiencia personal) es algo no tan chocante.

  2. Pablo Corton · · Responder

    Es lo que tiene la obsolescencia programada…

    Otra opcion es comprar los iPhone e iPad nuevos…

  3. Mariet_mj · · Responder

    Magistral. No hay una cosa en la que no coincida contigo. Yo era anti-iPhone hasta que tuve uno. Ahora veo el volver a Android como dar un paso atrás, en el sentido de que también considero que en menos tiempo queda obsoleto, mientras que cualquier usuario de iPhone 4 puede seguir dándole el mismo uso tras 4 modelos superiores. Igual opino que daría un paso atrás en facilidad de uso.
    Por supuesto yo también veo que el 5C es una estrategia básica de marketing para meternos el 5S… no merece la pena la diferencia. Aunque por otra parte, la trasera del 5S me sigue pareciendo tan elegante como frágil (como en mi iPhone 5), y no la del 5C.
    En cuanto al ios 7, a mi no me ha dado ningún problema, exceptuando la carga de los emails, que se ha vuelto loca (y Gmail directamente ha dejado de funcionar).
    Un abrazo.


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